Where do I send my artwork?

Please send your artwork to Artwork Upload
A proof will be emailed to you for your approval.
See artwork requirements here.

[title size=”3″]What forms of payment do you accept?[/title]

Pay by check is how we prefer. Your order will be started, and processed when we receive your check.
We accept VISA, MC, credit cards and debit cards, and cashier’s checks, money orders. We feel like the only secure way to take credit cards is over the phone not the website.

[title size=”3″]When and how will I receive an invoice/receipt?[/title]

You will receive an invoice by e-mail in a .PDF file, when we process your Credit Card or Check.
We can send you a quote for your order in a .PDF file, for approval.
Will I have to assemble my podium?

All of our podiums are in 2 sections, and all you need is a Phillips Screw Driver, to put in 2 or 3 screws, very simple.

[title size=”3″]How much is shipping?[/title]

There are two standard shipping costs:
$175.00 for standard Podiums, Communion and Pedestal Style Tables.
$245.00 for larger style H, K, and O, Podiums.
Shipping on multiple items or other products will be quoted.
We do ship International, and will have to give you quoted click this site. Germany, France, UK, Japan, Caribbean.
We can do overnight shipments when we have the Podium or Communion Table built and ready. We can do airport to airport shipments.

[title size=”3″]Will I be notified before my order is delivered?[/title]

All of our podiums and communion tables are shipped truck line. Please make sure that someone who is capable of moving the
item inside is there to accept delivery. Please before you sign the delivery ticket, inspect the out side of the box and make notice of any damaged areas, holes or out side box damage. Make the driver make note of the out side box damage.
If my product is damaged during shipping, will you replace the product?

Yes, we replace products damaged in shipping. If your product is damaged or you would like more information on our replacement policy, please contact us.

[title size=”3″]Can I choose custom acrylic or wood colors?[/title]

Yes. We have 5 acrylic colors, as well as thickness of acrylic ½” clear is standard, 3/4″ upgrade and two standard wood colors that you can choose from.

Acrylic pulpits and Podiums, also Plexiglas Podium and Pulpit For churches, Conference centers, Banquet room, Microphone, acrylic Furniture, Bully Pulpit, Multimedia, Transparent lectern, Portable podiums, logo, and Hotel conference rooms.


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